Monday, August 18, 2008

Renal Ultrasound

Parker had his renal ultrasound done today. He was not a happy camper during the process, of course, but he was happy that he got a monkey sticker afterwards! He was tired after being held down for so long and took a good morning nap (but then no afternoon nap... what's a mama gotta do?). The doctor's office called a few hours later, which made Mama a little nervous because she wasn't expecting to hear anything for a couple of days. It turns out one of his kidneys does still have a potential problem because it is enlarged. He is being referred to an urologist where we'll get more information. For now, Mama and Dada are just trying not to worry and feel that probably this is something relatively common and if it had been 30 years ago before ultrasounds were around that it would have never been discovered and he'd go on through life just fine never knowing... after all, he does pee like a race horse so things seem to be working correctly! Will post an update when we have it.

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