Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pictures For My Mother

Facebook lovelies, I know these pics are already up, but my dear technologically challenged mother hates Facebook and I decided to put them on the family blog as well... just for her. Enjoy, mom! I do not have a real camera at the moment (just my phone) so I apologize for the quality (or lack thereof) of most of these.

Playing Dress-Up

Super Parker!

Look at him fly!

Sheriff Mama!

Together we're cleaning up this town!

And of course, Parker had to have a turn being Sheriff!

Auntie Leann's text/photo response to our pics
"Arrr, I'm the Pirate Mama!"

Another day...
P: "I'm wearing Uncle Drew's shoes!"
Me: "What? Uncle Drew wears high heels?"
P: "No... but he likes them!"

Coloring Fun

What happens when P asks me to color with him

And speaking of corn....

This is a bite P took of his corn on the cob... right through the cob!


Candace Sheppard said...

These pics are just about the sweetest and funniest I have seen today. Enjoy your little one!

Eartaste said...

Photos look great - I woulda never guessed they were from a phone. I can't figger out facebook either, so I'm glad you posted them here. Love, Dad

tanya said...

Great, great, great pictures. Love it. So much fun

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