Friday, October 3, 2008

This Week's Adventures: Part 1

We've been keeping busy this week, starting it off with Parker's appointment with the Urologist on Monday. Fortunately, it looks like unless Parker starts having bladder infections, we won't have to do any further testing. The doc said that the next time Parker has an unexplained fever or a suspected ear infection, to make sure his doctor gets a urine sample as well, just to rule it out. Otherwise, the swelling is in an area that doesn't concern the doctor too much and if all goes well we'll just get another ultrasound in about a year to follow up.

Parker has been teething really badly this week (his 2 year molars are coming in already), and it's been affecting his naps, but we decided to try Ibuprofen again (it used to really upset his tummy) and it's been helping A LOT! So has Orajel and, strangely enough, one of his old toothbrushes. Most teethers can't reach in the back so I decided one day to give him an old toothbrush that is more rubbery than hard and it does bring him some relief. We just decided to buy The Teethifier, and we're hoping he'll like that, too. He hasn't used pacifiers in a long time, so it's hard to say for sure.

Parker's newest words: taco, black, purple, green, yellow, orange, apple, uh-oh, crackers, ball, chocolate, water, yummy, loco, wow (he's already been saying ow for a long time, so this wasn't a real stretch), bum-bum (our word for his butt). Speaking of bum-bum, there are some words that I completely forgot that he's been saying for a long time: Ears, eyes, nose, toes, and penis (sorry, but it's true). He's also been learning his alphabet and these are the letters he remembers the most and will point to and say without coaxing: "D," "N" (this is his favorite lately), "M", "O", "X", and "Z." In any case, Parker's language is really blossoming and we don't feel like he should need speech therapy. Whew! One less thing to have to schedule and worry about.

Anyone who has visited our place knows that Parker loves to color (he's working on filling up all our empty wall space with his pictures), but this week he has been hard core about it since I bought him washable markers. He thinks they are WAY cooler than crayons. Here are just a couple of his masterpieces from this week:

This one is crayon - done solo

This one is (obviously) marker
(a group effort from Parker, Mama and Dada)

This week's adventures part II to follow soon (once we get pics/videos uploaded from our camera) :)


Eartaste said...

Love the art! The group effort id cool. And now Parker can talk with Richie about Tacos! Exciting how much can happen so fast. I also learned a new word today - teethifier!?!?!

Richie said "Thank you!" for the Night in the Museum. He wants to wait till night to watch it =:-)

Love you guys! Give Parker a huge hug from his grandma, gramps (grumps?) & uncle!

MOMMY-MOMO said...

oh good! I'm glad the ibprofin is working for him! Let me know how the teethifier works for him? Need to remember it for Ethans 2 yr molars! I cant believe how much he is learning... every day! just so crazy cool

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