Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Founder's Day Fair - Aliso Viejo

On Saturday, Sept. 27, Parker attended his first fair celebrating the founding of Aliso Viejo. It was such an awesome event! Everything was free unless you wanted to buy food, which was vended by local restaurants.

In the petting zoo area, Parker got to see chickens, bunnies, goats, a black pig, a huge sheep, and a very funny duck. He wasn't too thrilled about being amongst all those animals at once, so we scooted out without too many pictures.

One of the bunnies

We were a little bit afraid that he wouldn't like the ponies, but the waiting in line to get on was the hardest part.

All the time spent on the carousel with Grandma and Grandpa must have paid off because he acted like it was no big deal and had some huge grins for mama while she walked beside him.

He wanted to go again, but the line was even longer the second time around so we distracted him with all the other fun things to see.


Huge Tractor Wheel

HUGE Tractor Scooper

Cool Police Car

Going Into a Fire Truck

Doesn't Like the Hat so Much


Parker and Dada in Jail!

Parker and Mama in Jail!

"Throwing" the ball into the holes:

All in all, it was worth the hour and a half we spent in the heat!

Having fun with the Fireman hat after the fair:


MOMMY-MOMO said...

It looked like soo much fun! Ethan would have loved all the big trucks! You guys have to go to the petting zoo with us! It was a huge hit. YOu get to feed the animals, hold the rabbits, and yes...a horse ride!!!

Eartaste said...

Love the pic with the fire hat =:-)

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