Monday, September 21, 2009

Recipe Blog Shout-Out

I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Jenny, a fellow blogger, for her meal planning blog, "In My Mouse." She unwittingly helped me out in a huge way today! While I was dealing with P's tantrum and racking my brain trying to decide what to make this week, I thought of her blog and went there for some inspiration.

She recommended the Oregano Lemon Chicken that we had tonight. I served it with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli steamed in chicken broth. Jake prefers chicken breast, but he ate it AND said yes when I asked him if he wanted to bring the leftovers to work for lunch tomorrow. Whew! Parker even tried one bite of everything before asking for something else. I was more than happy to serve him something else knowing he at least tried everything! Miracle of miracles. Maybe the episode this morning was worth it?

After the day I had, I was more than ready for a cup of tea to help relax me tonight. As I started filling the water in my teapot, I remembered this treat Jenny had posted on her blog and decided to give it a shot. YUM! I used vanilla rice milk instead of regular milk, but it was still delicious. As a former barista, though, I would call it a Lattea rather than a Capputeano (laugh). Whatever you call it, it's GOOD!

Tomorrow night we're trying these chicken enchiladas. I have two different enchilada recipes I make already, but this one looked pretty tasty and (hopefully) less time-consuming than my staple one.

Thanks, Jenny!

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sarah said...

how did the enchiladas turn out?

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