Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For Halloween, Parker got a fun package in the mail from Auntie Sarah, Auntie Leann, Uncle Greg and Lily with Halloween stickers, a card, and the picture to the right that Parker had a grand time coloring.

The day before Halloween was lots of preparation fun. Mama and Parker decorated, made a ton of cupcakes with homemade chocolate frosting for neighbors and Dada's coworkers, and that night Parker got to participate in Dada's pumpkin carving.

As you can see below, Parker ended up just having a monkey theme for his costume. Originally we had bought a cape and he was going to be Super Parker, but he hated the cape and wouldn't keep it on, so we had to be creative at the last minute. We had bought a monkey backpack leash recently to help Mama's back since she injured it and Parker's getting heavier and heavier! It's easier for quick trips in stores than carrying him or hauling him up into a cart. We thought maybe we could find a green shirt and brown pants and he could be a tree with a monkey on it, but with a lack of a weather-friendly green shirt, he ended up with a monkey shirt instead.

On the plus side, Parker LOVED trick-or-treating with Dada. At one point they came home and Parker threw a huge fit wanting to go back out. After we got him to calm down and ask nicely, we let him go back out and the boys had a grand time frolicking out in the dark. Mama elected to stay home to roast pumpkin seeds and answer the door for trick-or-treaters, but hardly anyone showed up! But it was good for Parker to get some special Dada time in anyway! Parker was apparently the first trick-or-treater at several of the houses they went to. No one complained about his costume. :) Yesterday we were at Target and Mama couldn't resist picking up a cowboy costume at 1/2 price for next year. Let's see if he'll wear this one next year! If not, maybe we can coerce him back into being Super Parker so ya'll can actually see the outfit. :)


MOMMY-MOMO said...

Cute! Ethan has the same backpack! Its so nice to have when we go anywhere crowded...like disneyland! Oh geez that place can be scary with a running toddler without it :)

Mamatoosi said...

Yeah well the last experience at Children's Orchard was the clincher for me! I had to give up my place in line at least twice to go running after him. You know THAT feeling... :)

Eartaste said...

You found the Great Pumpkin! That's some really great carving. Fun writing, too. Wish we could be closer. Love, Dad

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