Thursday, November 6, 2008

Funny Boy!

No more worries about Parker's lack of speech! It went from us trying to coerce him to use his words to us saying "OK, you can be quiet any time now!" He's still a pretty serious kid, but he has a quirky sense of humor starting to blossom that we're enjoying discovering.

Parker loves him some pizza!

Here he is hamming it up and singing along to a song playing overhead at Quizno's. The paper microphone came with his kid's meal.

Parker has started to string two or more words together, and sometimes will use simple sentences such as, "Mama, down please," "Mama, up please" and "Elmo Cheese Crackers, please." I put a bowl of yogurt in front of him a few days ago and he looked up at me and rambled off a bunch of things, most of which was not real clear English, but I understood him to be saying something to the effect of, "But I don't want yogurt, I want applesauce!" Needless to say, after some grumbling he ate the yogurt and then I gave him some applesauce, too.

But he's not quite ready to grow up yet. Our neighbor Carly is always asking him if he's a big boy or a baby and he still always replies, "baby." The other day he was whining quite a bit so I started to tease him and asked him if he was a big boy or a big baby. He gave me a very concerned look, and replied, "no, LITTLE baby." I so wish I had that on video. I was laughing so hard!

One of Parker's and Grandma Munns' new favorite games came from Parker's sense of humor. She and I were sitting in the back of the car with Parker one day on our way somewhere and I gave him a cracker, but he didn't start eating it right away, just looked down at it for awhile. Grandma teased him and asked, "so are you going to eat that cracker or just look at it?" He gave her a sly look and then put the cracker right in front of his eyes and just stared at it. Of course we laughed so now they love to play that game whenever the opportunity arises. This video below shows how much he loves his Grandma Munns! She has a Dr. Seuss book she reads to him when he visits her and one of their favorite parts of the story is when she reads "goo-goo goggles."

This next video is me just trying to get him to say some things on camera:

Parker has also discovered the vast usefulness of the word "no."


MOMMY-MOMO said...

I love all the videos! He's such a crack up. I knew he would start talking. They all progress at their own rate.

Eartaste said...

He's just a wiaaild and craa-aazeey guy!

Greg, Leann, Lily and Auntie Sarah said...

dang erin, he talks alot!!!

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