Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Visit from Leann, Sarah and Lily!

My sisters (older sis Leann and younger sis Sarah) and my niece (Leann's baby Lily) decided to come down to visit us on Thursday, November 20th. They left too soon on Saturday. :( Poor gals were pooped from all the traveling. But, boy, did we feel their pain after having visited them in July. Fresno is only 4.5-5 hours away (if the traffic's good), but somehow it seems a lot farther when you're traveling with a child.

We threw out several ideas of fun things to do on Friday- go to a petting zoo, go to a baby beach, go to MV mall and cruise around- and we ended up doing... NONE of them! Lily needed her nap when they got here Friday morning, and soon after she woke up, Parker needed his nap. Then before Parker even woke up, it was time for Lily to take another nap. Parker woke up really cranky (not uncommon) and soon all of us (OK, mostly me) were cranky and ready to zonk out! Fortunately, we sisters had a small window of time when the naps were overlapping that we could just sit and talk and laugh. And really, it's not about where the time is spent together, but that it's spent that's important.

Here are a bunch of pictures and videos of the visit for your viewing pleasure!

Uncle Jake and Lily

Giving kisses

Kicking back

Auntie Erin (hey, that's me! I'm an auntie!) and Lily

Parker and his Aunties

Align Center

Parker reading Big Fish Little Fish (thanks for the book Auntie Sarah!) with his Aunties

Playing Piano

Leann and Lily

Leann's "D" Song for Lily
("H," "G" and "O" were funny, too, but I limited myself to posting only one):

More of the kids!


Eartaste said...

You need to post "H," "G" and "O", it's hard to stop laughing.

Love, Dad

MOMMY-MOMO said...

you guys look like you had great fun! your sisters reading the book video made me laugh!

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