Monday, July 27, 2009

Conversations with P-Man

I've been journaling these little moments and have no energy to write anything creative or work on the videos I have piled up, so I thought it was a good time to do another round of these:

July 9

(P is pulling his music blanket from his room into the living room)

Me: "Parker, I just WASHED that today! What are you doing with it?"

P: "I'm getting it dirty!"

Later that day....

Me: "Hey buddy, you want some calcium?"

P: "Oh yes! I open it all by myself?"

Me: "Uh... no."

P: "Uh... YES!"

July 11

Dada: "Parker, are you a big boy?"

P: "No, I'm a baby still."

D: "You are? How old are you?"

P: "32 pounds!"

July 21st

Me: "P you hungry? Do you want me to make dinner?"

P: (heavy shrug and sigh) "Whatever."

This next one doesn't have a date attached because it's something he uses all the time. Basically, instead of using the term "I want," he says, "I'd better." Some examples:

"I'd better get down now."

"I'd better play with cars."

"I'd better do it by myself."

"I'd better go to sleep now." (Yeah right, I wish he said that).

"Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying." Romans 12:12

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Helene said...

This is the cutest post!!! Isn't it funny the things kids say? My kids are always saying things that make me laugh hysterically! I love your son's "I'd better....". I wish my kids would say that too..."I better be quiet now" and "I better clean my room now" would be really awesome!

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