Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday: I Love My Hubby

I know I've been neglecting my Thankful Thursday blogs! But today is a very special edition of Thankful Thursday, dedicated to my husband:

I'm thankful my hubby ate my meatloaf on Monday.

I'm thankful my hubby has been coming home happier this week, despite the meatloaf.

I'm thankful my hubby appreciated Tuesday's meal with Wednesday leftovers even more after Monday's meatloaf.

I'm thankful my hubby loves us so much!

I'm thankful that my hubby can still be silly with me.

I'm thankful for our date nights each week. Yes, we generally say no TV or computers on date night, but we made an exception last night because we had to use YouTube in order to learn the Three Amigos "My Little Buttercup" dance. Yes folks, you read that right, we spent the evening trying to learn a silly dance. And here's the evidence (that is, evidence that we may need to spend a few more date nights working on it to get it down):

And I'm really thankful that he will eventually forgive me for posting this on the internet.
"Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them" - Colossians 3:19


Dadaaaaa said...

Remember when I used to like you?

Mamatoosi said...

Hmm... Not really. Heehee!

Helene said...

The video is classic!!! It's cool that he's willing to be that silly. My husband would never do something like that...he's no fun...LOL!!

I'm thankful that my husband eats the meatloaf I make too. Although mine never seems to turn out the same each time I make it so there's always a little bit of hesitancy on his part when he sees that's what I'm serving for dinner!!

Regarding your comment about how to find your google you have a stat counter on your blog? If you do, there should be an area called "keyword analysis" and just go there and it'll tell you the words/phrases people are using that land them on your blog. It'll even tell you exactly what post they landed on and how long they read and where else they went. Some of the searches are so wierd....

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