Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Fun Weekend

OK, so it wasn't all roses what with all three of our key players being sick, but they did manage to have some great moments this past weekend. Grandma and Grandpa Munns came over Saturday morning and everyone gathered at the pool. Erin decided to try to get some sun before jumping in the pool, but with that sunscreen slathered all over her, she didn't succeed much, if at all. Her only solace was that Jake was just as snowy as she was. After having a great lunch, Parker took his nap while the rest of the folks played cards. Then Grandma and Grandpa took Parker to Costco while Erin and Jake stayed home to relax a little. They all went out to dinner at Lone Star, but Parker was fussy and too wound up to eat. Fortunately, Grandpa rescued Parker (or was it everyone else?) and took him outside to explore while the rest of the family finished eating in peace.

On Sunday it was declared (without declaration) a stay-at-home-and-rest day. Although there was still a lot of cleaning, laundry and cooking throughout the day, there were still plenty of moments to just hang out and play. Parker was in heaven having Dada's full attention all day, giving Mama a much needed break to nap, read and have Mama "alone" time. Parker prefers playing with Dada as he is much more creative with the blocks. They came up with all sorts of new ways to use them, and Parker enjoyed the usual destruction of them as well, as portrayed in the first video below. Parker also created a new game with one of his toys - one from which Mama and Dada were not sure exactly what kind of pleasure he was getting, but at least they all got some laughs from it. Mama managed to catch the tail end of it on the second video below.

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