Sunday, July 20, 2008

Noon on Sunday

Jake recently had an online article written about him by a fellow co-worker who has started to write about the lives of South Orange County Community College employees. See the article here.

To further add to that article - Jake is now playing in a new band that consists of four other members that are also employees at Saddleback College. They are still deciding on a band name, but at the moment the most favored is "Noon on Sunday" (which is the time they meet regularly to practice). They already have a few gigs lined up, but having had only four practices, they are trying hard to get polished for the first gig which is at the school Chancellor's Open Session, which welcomes district faculty and staff and gives an overview of the year to come. They are only doing covers at the moment, but depending on how things go, they may end up working on original music as well. Jake is the lead guitarist and is also singing lead on one of the songs so far.

To hear some of Jake's music, you can visit the following websites:
Jake's first band, Pepperstomp:
Jake's solo album, TOOSI:

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