Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beach Fun

On Friday June 27th, Erin and Parker spent the morning at Laguna Beach with Parker's Great-Grandparents Chet and Betty Rice, along with Jake's cousin Carrie and her children, Zachary and Lily. Lily is over two years old and she and Parker got along really well. Parker loved to copy anything Lily was doing. When she lay down on the blanket to rest, he did the same (can Erin please borrow her for every nap time?). They both also loved getting their feet wet in the water and playing in the sand (although Lily was a little more lady-like and preferred not to get the sand all over her while Parker was ready to eat the sand if necessary)! All in all it was great fun and was a day to remember. P.S. Erin apologizes for her scary white legs.

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