Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Visit with Jenny, Steve and Eloise

On Friday, July 11, Erin and Parker went to Jenny (an old co-worker of Erin's) and Steve's house. They have been remodeling their place and it looks great! Erin couldn't believe their yard was the same place she had seen back when she was pregnant with Parker.

Jenny was babysitting her mom's dog, Eloise, and Parker loved her. Jenny, Eloise, Erin and Parker all went for a walk to the park, and Jenny let Parker hold Eloise's leash for a little while. Parker felt all grown up walking the doggie. Poor Eloise got surprised a couple of times when Parker let go (it was a roll-in tension type leash), but she was a trooper about it. Now every time Parker sees a dog being walked, he asks to hold the leash. :) It was a fun visit and nice to catch up with some old friends.

To see Eloise's own blog, and view a picture of Jenny, Parker and Eloise, click here.

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