Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just Playing

The last couple of weeks have had a lot of ups and downs with Mama going through some rough patches emotionally and physically. Parker, unfortunately, feeds off of Mama's stress and acts out even more, making everything compound on itself. The weekends are somewhat of a break for Mama as Dada is there to feel her pain and help her keep the little man occupied. Unfortunately, often when Dada tries to take over Parker whines and cries asking for Mama, making Dada more hesitant to step in and making Mama want to pull her hair out.

Mama, giving Parker a fair warning.

Look what I can do.

I see you!

Yes, Dad, I just washed my hair, now stop sniffing it.

Now you did it!

No Mama, we swear we didn't do it.

Mama and Dada have found the best relief is to just get Parker out of the house as he is usually very good when he gets a chance to explore new places. He went buck wild in Kohl's this past weekend and had a blast playing "you can't catch me" with Mama and Dada. He also loves spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Munns and going out to eat... as long as he gets his own meal and the restaurant has lots of things to look at.

On days when it's too hot to even step outside our door without melting, we try to keep the little man occupied indoors in the AC. As long as Mama is nearby watching, Parker will usually play peacefully, so Mama has found it's a good way to catch up on her reading. Sometimes Parker will grab one of his books and sit in the chair next to her and read quietly as well. His latest obsession is lining up his toys.

Lining up cars: Day 1

Lining up cars: Day 2

Lining up cars: Day 3

Lastly, here's a fun video for ya'll to enjoy:

Parker, the Kissing Hair Dresser:


Eartaste said...

I was waiting for the brush whack to the tummy. Great fun. Thanks for continuing to post these! Love, dad.

Anonymous said...

That's the cutest. He looks like you when you were little. Looks like he tried to poke out Daddy's eye with that brush.
Love you all, Ruth

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