Sunday, September 7, 2008

Parker's Language

Parker's first telephone message to Mama and Dada:

Parker has been "talking" a lot lately, but mostly in his own language only he understands. He uses a sound like "ish" for nearly everything. We think he's asking "what's this?", but he'll repeat "ish" even after we've said the word for an item, so we're a little stumped sometimes.

His most commonly used words are Mama, Dada, Grandma (sounds like "mmmama"), Blanket, Milk (sounds like "ik"), Juice, Cheese, Hi and Bye (sounds like "dye").

His latest sounds/words are: "up" - which actually means "oops." It took mama awhile to catch on to that one. She thought he was saying up, but he would never say it when she asked him to say "up," instead he would do his sign for up. It was frustrating for both of them for awhile until mama finally figured out that he meant oops when he was saying up and he refused to verbally say up when he wanted to go up. "Hep" - means "Help." Mama only caught on to that one because he uses the sign for help as he makes the sound. He also makes a ton of animal sounds... for some reason those are easier for him than words. This next video shows him making all kinds of strange noises as he talks to himself, including some animal sounds:

We are still thinking about putting Parker in speech therapy, but we're hoping that he's just a late bloomer and we won't have to put him through all that. It's been a month since his last doctor's appointment, and he has made some progress with his language. If he hasn't made any significant leaps in the next couple of months, we will feel more comfortable that he actually needs it.

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Eartaste said...

Sounds great to me. Don't forget you didn't say a word till you were 7! Love you guys!

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