Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Favorite Park!

Finally we found a park nearby with lots of great sand to play in! Parker loves to dig, and usually it's dirt he digs in, so we like having a park with sand to fulfill that digging thrill without the worms, snails and rusty nails. The only strange thing we've found about this place is that there are rarely any other kids playing there; it is well hidden, but surrounded by a neighborhood and some businesses.

Whoa, where do I start?

Parker loves to pick up and throw away trash!

Down, please!

We had to go back with Dada, too!

Parker invited his friend Ethan to his new fav park and they had a blast owning the place.


mommy-momo said...

Thanks for showing us this park! We love it there too! Awesome pics of the boys. They are so stinking cute :) Lets play again soon!

Married for Keeps said...

So sweet! Isn't fun watching them learn how to be friends?

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