Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The visit from my sisters has left me reflecting a lot lately. I appreciate my sisters so much because I always know I can turn to them and tell them anything without having to fear that they will love me any less. We can be grumps, talk about the past, make fun of each other, tell secrets, fart (oh man, my sisters have the WORST farts, EVER! I think it's all that wine and red vines they ingest) and just be weird. They make me laugh and cry and just feel loved.

Knowing this makes me feel a little guilty that Jake and I don't plan to have any more kids. I don't want to deprive Parker of the experience of having siblings, but that is basically the only thing on the pro side of my pros and cons list... next to a HUGE list of cons about having another child. I mean, we're barely hanging on financially, even though we are constantly trying to cut back more and more on spending, so we could never afford a bigger place to allow for another child. Jake and I are constantly stressed and still haven't recuperated from the first nine months of Parker's life when he didn't sleep through the night. Both Jake and I have health issues that are never going to go away. Dang, diapers are expensive! Plus, there's no guarantee that Parker and a sibling would get along... especially if they take after Jake and Andy. Do I need to go on?

Having said that, I know that if we ever did have another child, we would love and cherish it no matter what, even though our struggles would increase. My sister Leann teased me and said that I ovulated just looking at her baby Lily... looking at this picture my sister Sarah took of me holding her, I think she might be right (well, she's so cuddly and cute and sweet and I don't have to worry about raising her)!


Eartaste said...

You know where you came from, and it didn't harm you permanently. Point is, if you ever had another child, you know everything would work out. The house nay not be the best, but the home will always be.

Point is, finances are not the issue. Give yourself time to recuperate, tho, from one child. You may note there's 3 years between each one of you guys, which may have helped you get along. Not that anything we did was ever planned - LOL!!!

Just know Parker will grow up to be a man with or without siblings, and he'll be a fine man because he has crazy parents.

Love, Dad

Greg, Leann, Lily and Auntie Sarah said...

Are you pregnant? Is that what this is about?

Mamatoosi said...

NO! I'm not preggers (at least I don't think so).

Mamatoosi said...

Oh, and if I AM, it'll be your fault for bringing Lily around and making me ovulate.

Anonymous said...

Awww, this is sweet. Made my day.

MOMMY-MOMO said...

I agree with your dad :) Give it some time. You might feel different? I know we still arent ready for another child anytime soon. Well, im not anyways...hehe. Ethan was a hard baby and didnt sleep through the night till a year! still to fresh for me. I do know I want him to have one or two siblings. But i'm giving it time between each. Either way. There's no rush or need to make a decision now. ok for reals though lets get together soon!

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