Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Week: Volume 1, Opening Cards

These pictures are from Thursday, Parker's actual birthday. Pics from the actual party will eventually come, I promise! Most of them are not on my camera as my battery died during the party. Oops! Thank goodness Grandma Munns' remembered hers!

Opening Great Grandma Fay's Card

Reading Card from Great Grandparent's Chet & Betty

Opening Card from Grandma and Grandpa Munns
Dada: "Yoo-hoo, Parker, $100!"
Parker: "Cool Fire Truck, Dada!"


MOMMY-MOMO said...

haha! Cute... but brave. If i let Ethan hold the money it would be torn in half in a second! THe bday party was so cute and fun. Cant wait to see the pictures from it!

Sarah Soos said...

ahh. these pictures are sweet. i love the piggy bank, and his bath robe.

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