Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Parker's Birthday!

Today is going to be a special Thankful Thursday dedicated to Parker turning two! Parker has already received presents from Auntie Leann, Uncle Greg, Cousin Lily and his Auntie Sarah. We let him open them early 'cause he read his name on the packages, and when I said they were presents, his eyes got really big and he starting talking excitedly. He loves all his gifts! What a lucky spoiled boy!

Lightening McQueen shirt from Auntie Leann and Uncle Greg:

Lion truck from Cousin Lily:

New book from Auntie Sarah:

  1. I am grateful today for my generous and loving family.
  2. I am grateful today for my son's funny growing toenails because he has the ability to walk.
  3. I am grateful today for my son's chunky belly because he gets enough food.
  4. I am grateful today for my son's crying every time he awakes because he is alive and breathing.
  5. I am grateful today for my son's bent ear because with it he can hear.
  6. I am grateful today for my son's square lip because with it he gives me kisses.
  7. And last, but not least, I am grateful today for all the time I was given to spend with my son these first two years.


Sarah Soos said...

Aww. *sniffle* Happy Birthday Parker!

Eartaste said...

Happy Birthday big guy! Love you! We stashed your present where we hope it'll grow.

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