Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Blues: Love/Hate Relationship

My computer and I have had a rocky relationship the past couple of weeks, and these pained faces of Parker just describe without words how it's made me feel. These pictures are from a day when he really wanted to play with my camera and I only let him for a few minutes until he started to delete my pictures. Parker: "up, left, OK!" Me: "What? What did you just delete?". Haha! Back one day when I let him take a ton of pictures, he loved watching the pictures delete because they digitally faded into blue and I would make a funny noise every time. He wanted to try so I showed him how to do it: "up button, left button, OK button". OOPS! My mistake.

In any case, back to the original story. My computer must have wandered places it shouldn't have and it picked up some nasty viruses. I then discovered in the process of trying to clean up my computer that I had to buy more RAM in order to even run an anti-virus program properly. As my computer was out of commission for a while until my new RAM arrived, I was using my dear husband's computer, which he was none too thrilled about. His fancy-schmancy music recording computer has been forever tainted by my estrogen-filled presence. Around the same time as all of this was going on, we changed our internet service from DSL to cable modem and immediately started having problems. We finally got a tech out here today and discovered the original installer missed some wiring that needed updating in order for the internet to work properly. Yay! Now I finally have a healthier, faster computer and I can get back to blogging. Fortunately I had blogged in advance last week so I doubt anyone in the blogging world even noticed my absence! Time for me to catch up again!

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Jenny said...

Lol, I love your description of your husband's computer after you had been using it!

Isn't it crazy what being without a computer for a few days can do? Our internet was down when we switch from dsl to cable too and it felt so strange.

Glad you're back up and running!

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