Friday, February 20, 2009

Parker's Birthday Party!

Finally, here are some pics (and a video) from the big day. Parker was so thrilled in the morning when Dada came back from the grocery store with the helium filled balloons. He went wild playing with them until guests arrived. I was so involved with getting things ready that I completely forgot about taking pictures of the decorations. Oops! Originally we planned to have the party at a local park, but it was raining pretty hard that morning so we squeezed into our little condo. Once the kids warmed up to each other, the place was buzzing and it was lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who made it! Parker, once again, was spoiled rotten with gifts.

Guests are arriving and playing

Opening Presents

Singing Happy Birthday


MOMMY-MOMO said...

oh my goodness... it was a great party! and pretty funny, I love how you captured Ethan crying when everyone sang to parker! haha. he thought they were singing to him!

Sarah Soos said...

That is such a cool hat. And i'm so glad he had such a big party. *sniffle* that birthday song video brought on the tears.

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