Saturday, March 7, 2009


Following some concerns of family members, I just thought it might be a wise thing for me to clarify some things after my last Thankful Thursday blog. I have not, nor ever intend to join the Jehovah's Witness group. My sole intent in that blog was to give them credit for getting me to read the Bible again and getting me to start finding some spiritual balance in my life and to let people know that even if the large overall group of JW's has some coo-coo beliefs, that doesn't mean every person in that group is a complete nut job. The women I've spent time with seem down to earth, very warm and friendly, and overall I would classify them as good people. Perhaps it was the way I was raised; my father left a church if he found one thing odd that he couldn't agree with and (correct me if I'm wrong here, Dad) went on to get his masters in Theology. Eventually he started doing Bible study from our own home every Sunday because of some of the issues he had with organized religion and belief systems of the Christian church. I think because of this I tend to also be wary of organized religion, but I also think it would be wrong to not accept someone into your home just because of their system of beliefs.

On the other hand, I am well aware of my faults and know that if I'm walking along a path and come across a huge puddle in my way, I tend to jump right in two feet first without thoroughly analyzing all the consequences. Being aware of that, I can completely understand why people who know me well might be afraid of what I might get myself into. Fortunately, my husband is the exact opposite of me in that respect. If he came across the same puddle, he would have to investigate every inch of it, put on the right gear so that he wouldn't get completely soaked, know where the deepest part of the puddle was and the exact depth, and if all of that still didn't satisfy his safety requirements, he would find an alternate route to get around the puddle. We balance each other out well. For example, if Jake were not the way he is and I had been the only person making the decision, we probably would have bought a condo at the peak of the market and not only would have bought one that didn't fulfill all our needs, but I would have been forced to work to keep us financially alive (and even that might not have stopped us from going into foreclosure). On the flip side, if I were not the way I am and Jake was the sole person making decisions, we'd probably still be engaged and not married, we wouldn't have a child (at least not at this time), and we'd never complain about any meal at a restaurant where the order was wrong or the quality of the food was terrible.

So relax, sit back, wipe your forehead and feel comfortable knowing I'm not going to be coming round your door in the near future with a Bible in one hand and a Watchtower pamphlet in the other. Happy weekend everyone! It looks like it's going to be a beautiful one in this neck of the woods... no puddles to speak of for me to jump into!

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Eartaste said...

Yep, the spiritual journey brings us people who we need when we need them. If friends take you back to reading the Bible, it certainly won't hurt.

You may remember friends of ours way back when who convinced mom & I to attend a Jehovah's Witness church for awhile. We did because they were great people, and they were living a life that felt right.

And you're right. There were things that led me away, mostly because there were a few details that were "off". There were things I learned there, though, that I later put into my home studies with folks - and that was to read the Bible through - including the old testament; and seeking details there that would enhance a spiritual relationship.

On reflection, the biggest thing "wrong" with the witnesses is their need - largely created by other Christians - to defend themselves. Their need for constantly defending their few odd beliefs did not enhance their credibility. I think if they could spend less time defending their oddities, we would find that they are no different than the Baptists down the street.

Seems all organized religion has it's own set of theological problems - and I think it's because the founders of all religions tend to recreate God in their image.

Ins hort, should you choose to worship with some Jehovah's Witnesses, or Baptists, or Catholics, you'd still be loved by God and those around you. It's the journey into a closer relationship with God that's important, not what people think of you.

And, you'll find, people will love you despite yourself. You know this because you love others despite their quirks =:-)

The Kingdom of God is within. Enjoy it! Love, Dad

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