Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Quiet Reading

I apologize for no Thankful Thursday post last week. I had done all my other blogs in advance and just didn't have the motivation to write one that day. I will try to make up for it by doubling my thankful list this week...

I'm thankful for a foggy night walk.
I'm thankful for cold mornings and warm afternoons.
I'm thankful for the beautiful view from my window right now.
I'm thankful for my Bible.
I'm thankful for pancakes on weekends!
I'm thankful for Children's Motrin (P's cutting his miserable molars).
I'm thankful for my hubby's 3-day weekend!
I'm thankful for my fuzzy socks.
I'm thankful that our TV fixed itself.
I'm thankful for my hubby's handiness. Now we don't need to get a new toaster oven!
I'm thankful P took some good naps this week (even if it was only because of less sleep at night).
I'm thankful for shin splints. It means I have a good excuse to splurge on new sneakers. :)
I'm thankful P-man wasn't heartbroken over losing one of his new shoes.
And I'm especially thankful for the moment when I went to find P-man one day when I got suspicious of his activities because it was so quiet. I walked in on him in his room doing this:


MOMMY-MOMO said...

awww! What a good boy!
1. Yay for not having to get a new tv!!!
2. new running shoes are fun! i get them every few months to avoid shin issues.
3. yay for naps!!! big yay!!!

... and enter my giveaway! its a good one girl. Awesome swim shirt for Pman!!!


Erin (Mamatoosi) said...

Update - (OK, so I admit, I blogged my Thankful Thursday in advance!)

1. Big TV is NOT working anymore. Needs $200 lamp. But happy because I get to watch TV in bed instead.

2. Shoe shopping is the pits when you wear a 5 1/2. No one carries that size in decent running /walking shoes! But I'm grateful my big sis sent me a gift card and I was able to raid the Old Navy clearance racks to cheer me up.

3. I've decided longer night time sleep and quiet time without a nap is WAY better than vice versa for P-man. I like staying in bed as long as possible in the morning!


Anonymous said...

Aww, he takes after you with the books.

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