Friday, May 22, 2009

Today's Conversation with P-Man: Dinnertime

Mama: "Parker, do you want some cornbread? And beans?

P, playing intensely with his cars: "No!" Then thinks a sec. "Cornbread?"

Mama: "Yeah, you want beans and cornbread?"

P: "No! Cornbread. Just cornbread!" *emits long fart* "AND beans!"


Greg, Leann, Lily and Auntie Sarah said...

Diner tonight with lily:

M: "Lily eat some chicken"

L: "hhhhuuuuu" **emits long fart**"ahhh- ha"

M: "are you kidding me?"

beautyinallthings said...

My kids usually say:

"Did you hear THAT?"

Roll eyes here!

Stacy Roman said...

Hahaha! Here's mine:

Me: "Guys, eat your dinner."

L: *Squeaky fart or loud rumbly belch* "'Scuse Me!" Hey mommy, I farted/burped!"

Me: "Lovely. Eat your dinner."

G: "Hey mom, did you hear Lauren's fart/burp?"

Me: "Yes. It was fabulous. Eat your dinner."

L and G: "Do you want to hear it again??"

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