Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adventure Walk in our Complex

On one of our adventure walks around the neighborhood, I was trying to capture a picture of a ladybug that P and I were admiring and was not having any luck.

Do you see the ladybug? Didn't think so.

I kept thinking about my sister Sarah and how she's able to get such clear pictures of up close things and it inspired me to try messing around with our camera to see what it could do. I didn't expect much since it's just a cheap little digital thing and there's really no such thing as a manual setting, but I found that if I changed to different pre-set modes, I could get much better results! These photos were taken on a lower quality setting and have been re-sized for faster uploading, but I think they weren't too bad (for me, anyway... these look pathetic next to Sarah's).

Stopping to smell the flowers...

Walking on...

Tried to get the flower AND Parker clear. Didn't work so well.

Look closely. Can you see the bee flying next to the flower?

View from the hill

Just a cool plant

Water grate

Crazy clouds that day


"...The Obnoxious SAHM...." said...

cool pictures! looks like a great day :)

Jenny said...

Wow, those are beautiful! Love the bee next to the flower...and I've never seen that kind of flower before. How fun!

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