Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for P-man wanting to help me with everything, even if it mostly just slows me down or makes a bigger mess. ;)

Washing Dishes

I'm thankful for Parker's new bath markers and crayons. Getting him in the tub is easy as pie now! The crayons are kinda messy, but it's well worth cleaning the tub every day to have a less stressful bath time experience.

He always asks me to draw "Happy Parker" and "Sad Parker"

I'm thankful for our nice walk to the park and the visit to our old neighbor Carly at her new house.

I'm thankful that Parker is interested in the world around him. Even if that means on every walk/tricycle ride I have to tell him the make and model of every vehicle we pass. *laugh* I'm learning a lot about cars because of this kid.

I'm thankful we are getting closer to owning our own place, and it's going to be brand spanking new! Whoever created laws stating that new developments had to incorporate low-income housing... well, may God bless you! ;)

I'm thankful for Gma and Gpa Munns always helping me with Parker.

And I'm thankful that our place is a little cleaner again... for now.

1 comment:

MOMMY-MOMO said...

sooo excited for you guys and this new house! That is BEYOND awesome!

and I've yet to try to bath tub crayons. I bet Easy will love them!

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