Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I think food is on my mind a lot this week... I found these kids plates at Target in the $1 section awhile back and I just had to share that it was the best buy ever! The sections keep food separated for those kids that don't like different things touching. Granted, we're pretty fortunate that P-man is generally a good eater, but these plates have really helped him to chow down the veggies. See this pic? Look closely at the animals...

About halfway into the meal

He likes putting "eyes" on the animals with different veggies (especially peas). The first time I did it I was afraid of his reaction. Would he be freaked out and not want to eat their eyes? No! He thought that it was really cool and ate them all up! Yay!

Then of course, the other special thing about these plates is the littlest section especially for dipping sauces. He loves salad with uncooked spinach and carrots as long as he gets to dip everything generously into salad dressing! One other thing I've learned about Parker is that if I start out with smaller portions, he is more likely to go at it and eat everything and ask for more. If I put too much on his plate it's almost as though he gets overwhelmed by the amount in front of him. These plates help me remember how small his tummy is!

All done. Not bad!


MOMMY-MOMO said...

i love these plates too! I got some for Easy a while back. I need more of them! what a good find...

Erin (Mamatoosi) said...

Yeah, I think I first saw one at your place and then when I saw them at Target for a $1 I couldn't pass them up. They're the best! I wish I had bought more (only grabbed 2).

Jennie said...

Hey I have a few of these plates for my girls as well...Love them!

Sarah Soos said...

Good idea with the peas! Lily has started this new thing, if we put a spoonful of food in her mouth, even if it's a small amount, she spits it into her fingers, looks at it, then puts it back in her mouth(as best she can). It can get a little tiring, it slows the whole process waaaay down.

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