Friday, April 3, 2009

Mama Smells Like Monkey Balls

One day I was trying to get P-man to rest but he was too antsy so I thought I'd try a game my sisters and I used to play many moons ago when we were trying to fall asleep. It was called "Whoever Talks First." One of us would proclaim, "whoever talks first smells like_________!" or "whoever talks first is ____________!" and then we'd count down. So I tried to explain the game to P (knowing full well he wouldn't get it) and then I said, "Whoever talks first smells like monkey balls! OK, when I count to three, no talking or you'll smell like monkey balls! 1...2...3..." And of course, not too long afterward, P-man exclaimed, "Mama smells like monkey balls!" I cracked up so he repeated it over and over and now it's a running joke.

Later on, I told my sister Sarah about it, who told my mom about it, who asked that I try to get it on video for her to see. Well, it's hard to get a toddler to fully cooperate with the camera, so I had a long boring video with a few good parts. Fortunately, my hubby showed me how to use Windows Movie Maker (which I forgot I even had on the computer) and I learned how to edit my videos! Cool. So now I was able to put together the best parts I could get on video. Here ya go, mom!

(As usual, Facebook users will have to click the button "View Original Post" to watch the video)

1 comment:

Sarah Soos said...

LOL!! No fair! You must have promised him lots of candy for that one. I bet your farts smell like roses too huh?!

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