Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Silly Boy!

This first video is going to need some interpretation. One day recently I walked in on Parker playing with his trains. The red one was saying "Hello Thomas" over and over. I quickly and quietly grabbed my camera so he wouldn't notice me. By the time I had started rolling, he had stopped saying that and it seems as though he was thinking of the next step in the conversation. Now here's what I believe he was trying to say: Thomas was asking the red engine, "your name, choo-choo?" (repeated several times) and then "how about... how about... (sounds like Richie?)". Then the red engine gets very upset and exclaims, "NO!" *laugh* Can you hear it, too?

Playing with Thomas and
"What's Your Name, Choo-Choo?"

And this one is just fun to hear him count before he throws:

Counting and Throwing

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