Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday - OK, Summer in Winter?

Parker is taking a long nap (say what?) and I'm feeling a little wordy today, so I'm going to start my Thankful Thursday list with a little update on this week. Remember last week when I was jumping for joy at the "spring-like" weather? Not anymore! It's been hot and dry this week with some Santa Ana allergy instigating winds. *insert grumpy face here* Parker decided not to nap both Monday and Wednesday, deciding instead to play in his crib and poop and then not wanting to go back down after I discovered his treats. Today as I was putting him down, he said he wanted to go pee-pee on the potty. Of course. I put him on the potty and waited. And waited. Where's that pee, dude? So the timer comes out. I start to take him off the potty and he cries, "poo-poo." Oh, Lord. Well, after Monday and Wednesday, I decide to take him at his word and give him some more time. Nothing happening. I saw that he was enjoying my company (me on the bathroom floor = annoyed as heck!) and decided to risk leaving him alone on the toilet in the hopes it would hurry things along. I told him to call me when he was all done. He whined for awhile, was quiet for a little bit, started cheering and I went back in. He had tinkled a tiny bit. I asked if he was all done and he insisted again he had to go poo-poo. So I left again. It didn't take very long and he was crying saying he was all done. He insisted he had done a "little poo-poo," but I think it was just gas because he was farting and pointing to his "bum-bum" as he was saying this. *laugh* His birthday present from us is his own potty chair. I'm hoping that will free up my time spent in the bathroom, but dreading that instead it might instigate a half-naked Parker running around peeing everywhere. Yikes!

Parker just woke up so I'll quickly wrap this up with my Thankful Thursday list as he gradually wakes up with milk and cartoons...
  1. I'm grateful for the morning snuggles with my hubby
  2. I'm grateful for Neil-Med Sinus Rinse (seriously, all allergy sufferers should try this, and non-allergy sufferers too!)
  3. I'm grateful that we managed to survive with only running the AC twice this week.
  4. I'm grateful to have discovered that Parker will nap with his door open... it's been too hot/stuffy to keep it closed, even with a fan!
  5. I'm grateful that it appears my thyroid medication is kicking in and I have more energy and patience for Parker.
  6. I'm grateful for workout videos that I can do while Parker is sleeping (or awake for that matter).
  7. And last, but not least, I'm grateful for our play dates with the triplets! It's interesting to watch Parker learning how to interact with other kids.

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