Monday, January 5, 2009

Visit from Joe Dawg and H-Bomb!

We had a fun visit from our old friend Joe and his son Hayden last week. We hadn't seen them in over a year! Our schedules are off just enough to make it nearly impossible to get together. Parker loved playing with Hayden. They played with Parker's new Play Doh and Hayden brought Parker some cool boats for the bath tub. Parker tried to catch Hayden at one point to tickle him, but H-Bomb was too fast for us. It was so strange because I still think of Hayden when he was Parker's age, and now he's almost 7! They really do grow quickly, don't they? Today I was rocking Parker in my lap and reading to him and realized how big he was compared to me. It made me a little sad. I'm glad to have had that visit from them for a couple of reasons - because we miss them, obviously, but also because it was a good reminder to me to slow down and appreciate Parker and our time together now. Here are some more fun pics from their visit... Hayden started running and hiding as soon as the camera came out, and it took dozens of shots before I finally caught him. *laugh* Silly guy!

1 comment:

MOMMY-MOMO said...

I'm such a sap lately about how fast "easy" is growing up.

oh...and "e" would eat that playdough..hehe

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