Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Blues

Warning: The following videos and pics are not for the weak of heart... or anyone who can't stand kids and their crying! About a week ago Parker woke up from his nap screaming uncontrollably. I tried taking him outside, asking him if he wanted food, holding him (which just led to him kicking me so that didn't last long), distracting him... I think the only thing that would have worked was turning on the TV, but I didn't want him to think that he could get to watch TV just by throwing a tantrum. Parker's biggest tantrums are always after his nap (anyone care to explain this to me?) Most of the regular tantrums from not getting his way are much shorter and it's much easier to distract him. I decided to get this tantrum on video because I wanted him to see himself when he was older, but upon the request of my friend Morgan (who has never seen a Parker tantrum), I am posting it for everyone to see. Enjoy!

About 15 minutes into the tantrum
(don't worry, the next videos aren't as long or torturous as this one)

About 30 minutes into the tantrum:

About 45 minutes into the tantrum:

About an hour into the tantrum I put a bowl of pretzels and some OJ on a table within his reach and slowly backed away. As soon as he noticed the snack, his crying calmed a little and he started eating, sniffling for a few more minutes just to show me that he still wasn't happy. After the food started to settle in him, he was fine for the rest of the evening, as you can see... the ham in him quickly came out.

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MOMMY-MOMO said...

ahhh poor guy. It breaks my heart. I wonder if he even knows why he's so mad? Just wanna scoop him up and cuddle him, but you said he doesnt like that either? Weird. Thanks for sharing. Now I believe you. Wish I had a helpful answer though.

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