Thursday, December 4, 2008

Parker's New Robe

Parker loves "naked boy" time, especially after his bath. Unfortunately, with the weather turning colder (finally), it's been a little too nippy for this (we're trying to conserve energy/money by not using the heater). We decided to buy Parker a cozy robe so he could still air out a little without freezing his hiney off. He loves it because it has Lightening McQueen on it! Here is his best GQ pose in it.

On a similar note... Parker hasn't been using the potty as often anymore. Maybe partially because it's been cold, but also because he's going through the terrible "no's" and defying everything, just to show us who's boss. So we've let it go for awhile so it won't be a stressful event. He still uses it once a day or so, but he hasn't been telling us when he needs to go if he's "airing out" so we've had some accidents. He's obviously not ready for potty learning... he just thought it was a fun thing for awhile and now it's old hat.

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