Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"New" Car!

Jake was taking out the trash one day recently, and look what he stumbled upon inside the trash enclosure! This little taxi was similar to what Jake's dad wanted to buy Parker for Christmas (except he wanted to buy him a fire engine). We asked them not to buy the fire engine because it was a lot of money for something so unnecessary, but free is another thing altogether! Jake fixed it up a little and we gave it to Jake's folks to keep at their place since it's kinda big and really heavy and the hills around here would be way too scary to utilize it once Parker's able to start getting around in it. Jake's parents are planning on making a cushioned seat for it and possibly a push bar to make it easier to help him get around until he figures it out. What a lucky dude!

Oh, and check out his new "kicks" grandma and grandpa bought him (you can see the shoes sticking out from under the car). They have the fun lights that come on when he walks. He calls them his "Grandpa shoes."

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It's Couch Time!

It's Couch Time!
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