Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Free Stuff!

One of Jake's co-workers has twin sons about a year older than Parker and she has been so nice and thoughtful by giving us a ton of their old clothes (she also lent me a ton of maternity clothes when I was pregnant). She just gave us another batch of awesome hand-me-downs. All brand name and some still had tags on them, too! We should be set for another year, now! What a blessing.

Our sweet downstairs neighbors have taken a special liking to Parker and have given him books and toys their grandchildren have long outgrown. Today they just came by with this awesome truck. It's not really in his age range because it's one of those electric cars, but he's pretty good about being careful with his toys so I let him have it. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get it to work, but Parker doesn't know any differently. I was planning on taking him out this afternoon to the park but once he got his hands on that truck there was no convincing him to leave the house. He's playing contentedly with it as I write this. Perhaps Dada can work some of his magic on it when he comes home and get it working, then next time we could take it with us to the park!

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